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February 5, 2020by yorp_nyc1

The Youth Reigniting Volunteerism

To Franz Reimart Averion, President and CEO of the National Youth Volunteer Coalition or NYVC, their organization’s impact is giving rise into “a commitment that [they] will also create a positive impact with their respective communities” after they have equipped and guided young people and have elevated their level of awareness to initiate an advocacy.

Franz and his peers at NYVC made it a mission to help the youth discover their “heart of a volunteer” and become more inclusive.

Indeed, volunteerism has become a byword in times of calamities and disasters, but through the years, it has evolved into a deeper sense of making oneself relevant to the requirements of any situation.

For NYVC, volunteerism assumed a different meaning as it involves the following: people, passion, purpose and patriotism that basically describes the Filipino Bayanihan culture. Volunteerism also molds the Filipino spirit, that bespeaks the essence of being human.

Established after the National Youth Commission’s #WerpaNgV Camp held last May 2018, NYVC started with an agreement among equally passionate youth volunteers. The camp was an avenue for youth leaders to expand their appreciation, and strengthen their position on the importance and value of volunteerism towards nation building. True enough, the camp gave birth to NYVC which inculcates amongst its members the importance of coopertation — that we all are Filipinos, with the purpose of serving the people.


NYVC, having anchored its systematic framework from the Philippine Youth Development Plan, ultimately aims to champion holistic development among the youth, ensuring that no one is left behind.

NYVC has become a strong influencer among aspiring youth leaders. Staying true to developing lives and people, it launched its Project #BoluntirMISMO to build nationwide awareness on the potential powers of volunteerism, and to recognize the noble efforts of volunteers – individuals, institutions, families, and communities – as pertinent partners to the development of the country. Through the Mismo: Youth Volunteers’ Summit Caravan, NYVC convened youth leaders, students, SK, and out-of-school youth.

In partnership with FEU Institute of Technology, a pilot summit was conducted in the National Capital Region last October 2018. Considering the success of the kick-off, the same activity immediately followed in Laguna last November 2018. Currently expanding its scope, NYVC’s Mismo has reached the Visayas as of March 2019 and aspires to also mark a name for itself in Mindanao which already happened having their first stop last January 2020 in Davao City. This was a product of their Championship from the 2019 Global Youth Summit Seed Grant Competition, under the Civic Awareness and Participation Category.

The NYVC truly embodies the core elements to encourage the participation of young people in volunteering activities -People, Passion, Purpose, Patriotism, manifested in the programs, projects and activities that are undertaken and also chart a young person’s life journey.

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  • Edward Era

    February 5, 2020 at 4:23 am

    Proper acknowledge Sana kung sino naging unang pangulo, ung mga project in FEU and Laguna was under me. Hindi ung nag claim Ang pangulo nila ngayon na kala mo sila nagasikaso at nag ayos


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