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January 23, 2018by yorp_nyc0

“Access to education, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest obstacles to building a productive citizenry and the development of communities.”

To be illiterate and unschooled is to be excluded from the possibility of a better future. If we want a better country, we need to provide everyone with the proper knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to help themselves – and eventually help others too.

The Education & Technology category seeks to recognize youth organizations who have projects that have addressed the education gaps through technology, literacy programs, science and mathematics trainings, tutoring sessions, alternative learning modules and other creative means in helping build a learned people.

Tobog Youth Organization exhausted all of their means to refurbish a day care center in their barangay with the aim of providing a conducive learning environment for young children to learn and dream. University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students (UP Alchemes) and University of the Philippines Chemical Engineering Society (UP KEM) promote science and technology as means to solve societal problems. UP Alchemes organizes the only student-led Research Fair that aims to harness the potential of young minds and encourage the p

roliferation of scientific innovations in production and application that ultimately. can contribute to nation building while UP KEM ignites the appreciation of high school students to the fundamental disciplines of science and technology through summer camps. entrance review sessions. and career caravans. University of San Carlos Chemical Engineering Society’s (USC-ChES) project inspires pupils from five remote public elementary schools in Cebu to read books. They try to achieve this by installing libraries. conducting educational activities and providing different reading materials which are not accessible to the kids.

These passionate youth groups continue to bridge the gap in education by different means. They continue to provide avenues for every Filipino child to learn. to dream. and eventually to earn a living for their families .



TDCC Rehabilitation:
Pagrumrum sa Ginikan

A conducive classroom is an appendage to the process of learning, especially ifit commences the child’s first formal education.

The small group from Albay who rehabilitated their entire community daycare had a simple goal in mind: A child learning better with a stable seat and a flat and clean table in a pleasant. breathable room with a book in hand. Creating zeal and interest in the learning space can also motivate a child to attend class and it allows him better enhance skills and talents and maintain happy memories of his first years of school.

Before the Tobog Youth Organization (TYO) decided to remodel and refurbish the Tobog Daycare Center (TOCC). much of the fixtures were too old and accident-prone. as was the deteriorated interior covered in molds and crayon marks. Roofs were leaking, ceilings were torn off. there wasn’t a bookshelf serving as a mini library; there were no colorful murals in vibrant hues on the walls and they had limited instructional materials like storybooks, a play place, and an educational T.V. set. Now, the once-dilapidated place is a safer, fully equipped learning facility which is more appealing to both the eyes and mind of a growing child. enough to excite him into attending school.

The TDCC’s incoming enrollees are the real beneficiaries. Not only will they enjoy the completed classroom make-over — they will also receive the school supplies and additional fixtures acquired by the TYO through fund raising programs and sponsors. namely from AKHRO Tobog Chapter. Amu Kadi Oasnun and The National Bookstore.

The decorations for the classroom are made from recycled materials because. upholding TYO’s many values. environmental responsibility. Like the calamansi farmer they helped. residents find those values evident in TYO’s active involvement in making their community a better place since they offer services to generate funds. only to give the help back to the residents.

If TYO’s past president Aljon Pertiz were to fully describe his organization in five words. it would be “confidently empowered with a heart.”

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