Talang Dalisay

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Est. 2019-02-26

Description: Mabuhay! Talang Dalisay is an organization founded in Manila, Philippines that aims to help people with mental disability disorders through education and guidance through various programs and services. Our mission is to raise awareness on mental health, support persons with mental disabilities/illnesses and their families and provide a network where people can be assisted and supported. Our vision is to create an environment of respect, great tolerance, understanding and unity so that those who are mentally disabled may be more integrated in society. We envision people with these disabilities to go out of their comfort zones and continuously change for the better. We believe in breaking boundaries that inhibit these people from shining and growing to their fullest potential. We hope to help them shine pure and reach for their dreams, embracing the ability in their disability. Contact us to get involved: talangdalisay@gmail.com