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Est. 2012-05-27

Description: BRIEF DESCRIPTION & OBJECTIVES (maximum of 300 words only)\r\nWith the philosophy of “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time” SSM was conceived. The Sinabukid Scout Mountaineer (SSM) is a group of young people mostly JHS, SHS, and College students, and a good number of young professionals who are inclined to mountaineering. Most members are are former scouts under the scouting movement but the organization is completely an independent organization the SSM was founded May 27, 2012 by Raymark G. Barredo, along with its pioneer members, Clarbern Anthony Luzon, John Bernard Fortuno, Ruben Tabarangao, and Renza Marion Benosa guided by their advisers Renato Ibias Jr. and Jay Luzon. Initially, the group came together informally to pussue a common interest in nature observation, photography and hiking. With a short period of time, more members came in so they decided to formally organize nature enthusiast group for easy mobilization and logistics management dur