Baliktanaw Performing Arts

City/Municipal Organization | Youth Serving Organization | School-Based Organization
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Est. 2006-06-01

Description: \r\nFCPC Baliktanaw Performing Arts is a youth serving organization that aims to bring significant change to the lives of our youth through love for the arts. We are a growing family of artists consisting 6 sub-branches namely:\r\n \r\n1)Dancetroupe \r\n2)Constellations(singers)\r\n3)Rondalla\r\n4)Primera Obra(Films and productions)\r\n5)Beatbox\r\n6)First Music Company(Band)\r\n \r\nWe believe that being an artist means to be passionately creative in our unique ways while being critical thinkers that have a wide perspective of the world. As we express ourselves through our gifts of talent, we also make it our goal to participate in making our community a good soil where the youth can grow as leaders who are responsible and globally competitive individuals.