Brief HistoryWhat is NYVP?

Since the inception of NYC in 1995, volunteers play a major role in various activities which face the challenges of inadequate financial support and shortage in manpower. When inadequacies exist, volunteers fill up the gap and extend all possible assistance without expecting anything in return. The initial mobilization of youth volunteers by NYC started during the Southeast Asian Games in 2005 where 5,000 youth volunteers were mobilized. NYVP aims to equip volunteers for their careers by opening opportunities for them, and allow them to engage in an environment where they can gain various personal and professional skills.


  1. To create a unified network of individuals that will embody the true spirit of cooperation, and volunteerism
  2. To encourage Youth Participation in the implementation of the Projects of the National Youth Commission, and other partner agencies.

Applicants shall submit the following documentary requirements:

  1. Official Registration Form with attached 2×2 picture;
  2. Scanned copy/photocopy of one (1) valid government-issued Identification Card or school ID; provided however that if the applicant does not possess and/or cannot submit any valid ID, he must submit a photocopy of his PSA-issued birth certificate and present the original copy upon registration;
  3. Parental Consent duly signed by parent or guardian if applicant is under 18 years of age

Registered individual youth volunteers under the National Youth Volunteers Program can participate in any activities initiated and coordinated by the following:

  1. National Youth Commission
  2. Government and Non-Government Agencies coordinated with NYC
  3. Local Government Units through the LYDO
  4. YORP-registered organization approved by NYC
  1. To be prioritized in the selection of representatives for youth consultations, NYC-initiated activities, international youth exchange programs, and other avenues which may provide further exposure to the volunteer;
  2. To be tapped by NYC as partners, facilitators, or resource persons in the crafting, implementation and evaluation of youth development programs, projects and activities, and will be given certificates accordingly;
  3. To be recognized with service rewards upon meeting established criteria;
  4. To be entitled with NYVP freebies upon meeting established criteria.
Invalidation of YORP Membership:
  1. Participation of the volunteer in the planning and/or execution of illegal activities;
  2. Charge of any violation of the Philippine Constitution or law of the land or rules and regulations of duly constituted authorities and/or violation to any policy, resolution, or rules and regulations of the National Youth Commission; and
  3. Such other grounds that the Kabayani Secretariat Proper may identify through a resolution.

A summary of consolidated report shall be submitted by the Registration Officer to the Commission Proper at the end of each quarter. The report shall include the following:

  1. Total number of registered number of individual youth volunteers at the end of the quarter;
  2. Total number of applications received from the Volunteer Liaisons in the quarter;
  3. Total number of approved applications approved in the quarter;
  4. Number of hours rendered by the registered individual youth volunteers in the quarter; and
  5. Volunteer activities participated by the registered individual volunteers in the quarter


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