Kabayani - YORPOnline Registration Process

STEP1 : Prepare a digital copy of all documentary requirements, (A4 size paper).
  • Go to YORP Online Hub Downloads page to get a copy of the registration form and other attachments.
  • Fill-out the Registration Form, Directory of Officers and Advisers, and List of Members in Good Standing. Note: Please download the Registration Form so you can affix your signature.
  • Secure the additional certification/endorsement/resolution that is applicable to your organization.
  • Scan all hardcopies and convert all the softcopies to .pdf file.
STEP2 : Use the YORP Online Registration Hub
STEP3 : Supply the required information
  • Fill-out the online form accurately. You may refer to the hardcopy of your Registration Form.
  • Upload your documentary requirements. Make sure that you upload all the required documents so that your application will be accepted.
  • Read the agreement and click the box if you agree.
  • Submit your application.
Kabayani - Youth Organizations' Registration Program
STEP4 : Check your email inbox and wait for verification
  • Log-in to your organization’s email
  • Check if you received a confirmation from the YORP Secretariat that your application has been received.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation, please contact the YORP Secretariat.
  • If you have received a confirmation email, you’ll just have to wait until the verification process is completed.
  • Your organization’s officers, advisers, or members may receive calls from the YORP Secretariat and you are requested to cooperate by providing honest and accurate answers to their questions.
STEP5 : You are now registered. You can access your YORP Online Account
  •  the YORP Secretariat found out that you have complied with all the necessary requirements, your organization will receive another email informing you that you have successfully registered.
  • If you missed any requirements, the YORP Secretariat will send a Notice of Denied Registration. Follow the instruction to complete the application.
  • The second confirmation email will contain your Username and Password.
  • Proceed to the YORP Online Hub. Click Organization, then Log In.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Explore the possibilities in the YORP Online Hub.


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