Five steps to register youth and youth-serving organizations

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Registered organizations across the country


A program of the National Youth Commission (NYC) that facilitates the registration of youth and youth-serving organizations to ensure access and participation to NYC-initiated programs nationwide. Through the nationwide registration, NYC links up with youth to provide a meaningful and active participation in its programs.


  • To inform the youth about NYC Programs and Projects
  • To encourage youth participation in NYC programs (NYC initiates activities and implement with youth)
  • To establish a communication network between youth and other youth development stakeholders
  • To establish a youth and youth-serving organizations’ directory
  • To disseminate updates on youth-related programs, projects and activities
  • To provide a structure that links youth and youth-serving organizations together



A program offered with no registration fees required.

Youth and Youth-serving Organizations’ role:

  • Participate and volunteer to programs, projects and activities initiated by NYC and partner agencies.
  • Assist in promoting NYC programs, projects and activities.
  • Submit updates and accomplishment reports regarding their various activities to the YORP Secretariat.


Once registered, the youth and youth-serving organizations may enjoy the following privileges:

  • To be represented in congress and activities exclusively for YORP-registered organizations
  • To use the YORP Seal in letters, publications, uniforms, collaterals, and other materials produced by the organization
  • To access free capability programs offered by NYC
  • To be prioritized in the selection of representatives for youth consultations, NYC-initiated activities, international youth exchange programs, and other avenues which may provide further exposure to the organization
  • To request for promotion of organization-initiated programs, projects and activities through NYC’s media outlets


Invalidation of YORP Membership

The Certificate of Registration may be revoked by the Commission
under any of the following circumstances:

  • Use of Certificate to commit acts or omissions punishable by law, rules and regulations
  • Any act or omission considered as contrary to the purposes of YORP Certificate.
  • Failure of organization to submit summary report of activities yearly.



Regional Coordinators/Local Youth Development Officers (LYDO) shall be tasked to monitor the registered youth and youth- serving organizations in their area of responsibility. They shall submit to the YORP Secretariat a monitoring report every six months. The Secretariat shall consolidate the monitoring forms and submit a report to the Commission proper.