YORP STORIESPropelling our Inherited Nation through our Youth (POINTY)

January 24, 2018by yorp_nyc0
YouthLeadership Seminar
Cagayan de Oro City. Misamis Oriental

“Youth leadership training is one thing, but a well-supported, concerted effort to tum well-informed youth into advocates of peace and development is another.”

Youth leadership training is one thing. but a well-supported, concerted effort to turn well-informed youth into advocates of peace and development is another.

A four-day and/or three-day seminar mused by Propelling Our Inherited Nation Through Our Youth (POINTY) Inc. is the avenue for future leaders to polish their technical and interpersonal skills for their roles in nation-building. as well as becoming aware of the AFP peace initiatives in eight provinces of Northern Mindanao.

The organization does not believe that the intricacy of what makes a responsible and patriotic citizens is not something that can be invoked all at once. That’s why the Youth Leadership Seminar (YLS) sets itself apart from the norm of shaping future leaders by breaking down the process into three integral parts: The Youth, The Youth and the Government. and The Model Filipino Youth. All youth stakeholders partake in lectures from the local offices of the Red Cross Youth. OSWD. DepEd. ALS. TESDA. DENR. PDEA. and the clergy.

The YLS eyes a transformed and empowered group of young individuals who are capable of fulfilling their roles in building a morally and spiritually upright society through this non-intimidating exchange of patriotic and nationalistic lectures, activities and team-building exercises between local government units of Region X and XIII and their 3,672 community members composed of 15 to 30-year-olds.

Of course, fun is incorporated in the process of learning through more “transforrnative approaches” that simplifies the principles of leadership into a more dynamic training course.

During this period, the youth are able to develop a critical understanding of themselves and their greater responsibilities which include recommending and implementing government programs.

“They will walk into action right after the seminar,” says POINTY Inc. Assistant Secretary Maria Angelica Tan. further sharing that graduates of the seminar will also “sustain their community by providing support for addressing their issues and concerns.”

It was through the initiative of the 4th Civil-Military Batallion, 4th Infantry Division, and the Philippine Army that the conduct of seven YSLs were registered to the Securities and Excan~e Commission last October 2012. It has also been helpful in sharing the 4th Infantry Division’s mission of shielding the youth against deceptive organizations.

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